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A geotourism is the one of the fields of specialization of ecotourism that it deals to introduce the geology phenomenon`s to tourists with their local identity maintenance. The geoturism uses from different geology sciences and invites from the interested people to the nature and the geology phenomenon`s, for visiting from a land beautiful attractions.
The geotourism has attracted a wide audience today. The geotourism audience are not only the geology experts and specialists, but also a usual tourist and the interested people to a nature. Under current of geoturism activities, the visitors become familiar to the geology special and beautiful phenomenons and with their advent principles and recognize their existence importance. One of the geology phenomenons characteristics, that it results their relative superiority over the ecotourism phenomenons, is a being complex and mysterious of the geology discussions for a usual people . The geology word for people often remind a big, magnificent and mysterious phenomenons such as a volcano , earthquake , meteorite, dinosaur, Fossil, million time periods and etc. The touch of these concepts or the relative concepts to them, that it is possible at the geotourism programs flow, causes the glorious attraction for a visitors.
The one of the important discussions which have a much importance at a geotourism. Is a training and news transmission subject . The aim of this discussion is to become familiar to the geology heritage and different earth sciences phenomenons in particularly children and adolescents in order to attract the public cooperation at protecting these works and the correct and optimum use from these sources.
In additional to have the advantages given a direct and indirect to be profitable by attracting a tourist, the geotourism is a very effective at establishing the employment between earth sciences graduated people and also the occupants of zones having a geology sites. A new jobs establishment as geoguides and geoguards are among them.
A geoguide is a geologist that is under service of the tourism groups with passing the tourism guides principles training courses and also being familiar to Iran geology phenomenons. The task of this guide has been defined for providing the scientific explanations and the geology phenomenons description for a tourists and the training aims advancement. This guide can attend as a constant at a zone, and service to the referring groups. So it must be considered for him(her) an office at the given geopark . Also the guide can travel with them based on the Tourism groups program at a different zones.
A geoguard is a geologist that is at a geopark place, and in additional to the enough aware from the given phenomenone characteristics, it performs the guard task from a geopark area. The geoguard knows that what factors cause the negative effects on the above phenomenon, and try to avoid from these damages and also depict these negative effects at early visit for a visitors. The geoguard travels with a group at all visit stages and avoids from the induced possible damages by a visitors.
(With thanks Mr. Alireza Amri Kazemi that put the needed information at Iran geotourism web site.)
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