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Takhte- Solayman set
akhte- Solayman, Fourth Iran recorded work at Unisco world heritage list, in additional to a historical and ancient characteristics, consists a very beautiful characteristics of the geology: the lake that is at the center of this set, in fact it is a big travertine- making spring (biggest at Iran) that it has formed the big hill around itself. This big hill is the same3 plate that the ancient sites and different historical ages palaces have put on it. The water streams that have been flowded to lower – down from around of this lake, have caused it’s altitude rise with putting travertine sediments at it’s route. The one of very beautiful works induced from this action is a spiral wall that is seen with more than 100 m longth and near 2m altitude at south site.
The hollow conical – shaped mountain named Zendan mountain or Zendan-Solayman that locates at near this site, is a remainder of old Travertine- making spring that now it has been dried and doesn’t has any activity.
There are some hot water springs around this set that are used by occupants and travelers
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