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Karafatoo cave
This cave is the biggest of Iran ancient cave that parts of it are under kan. This four-story cave has been located between Takab and Divandare cities and inside Qom line formation. On the basis of the obtained objects and works from cave and also the performed archaeology excavations. The residence history in this cave is documented to Ashkanian period. Afterward, at different historical periods, it has been for a different tribes places of worship and the living place. Of course, it has been discovered a abundance hand- tools related to prehistoric periods inside and around this cave which indicate that prehistoric men have also lived in this cave.
One of the most interesting parts in this cave is it’s 4-floor roaf. In this part, the cup-shaped voids and lens- shaped swells have covered a roaf by lime erosion and solution, and have displayed a beautiful morphology. The roaf of this cave can compare to music acostyic halls roaf from standpoint of from.
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