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 Dashti salt dome Various tectonic reliefs Hormoz Island Poll salt dom Dragon Mount Tectonic structures Faulting Travertine phenomenon Alisadr cave Salt cave Stars valley Salt polygons Wind-sand hills  Ghoori- Ghale cave Karafatoo cave Nakhjir cave Desert Plains Salt outcrop Mud volcano Takhte- Solayman set Kataleh- Khor cave Ganj kuh cave Sabalan volcanic summit Shirvan valley Kandovan village Migmaties Meymand Alam Kooh Igneous Mass Damavand summit Basalt prisms  Rope flows
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A geotourism is the one of the fields of specialization of ecotourism that it deals to introduce the geology phenomenon`s to tourists with their local identity maintenance. The geoturism uses from different geology sciences and invites from the interested people to the nature and the geology phenomenon`s, for visiting from a land beautiful attractions. The geotourism has attracted a wide audience today. The geotourism audience are not only the geology experts and specialists, but also a usual tourist and the interested people to a nature. Under current of geoturism activities, the visitors become familiar to the geology special and beautiful phenomenons and with their advent principles and recognize their existence importance. One of the geology phenomenons characteristics, that it results their relative superiority over the ecotourism phenomenons, is a being complex and mysterious of the geology discussions for a usual people . The geology word for people often remind a big, magnific ... more
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